Mutual Aid Committee

Mutual Aid Chairperson: 

Members include:
Chief Robert Grabowski, Member
Chief Brian Kolosh, Member

Our primary goals are:

(1) Provide an immediate response of personnel and equipment to a stricken community, during a Fire or EMS emergency;

(2) provide a systemic means to respond to those emergencies;

(3) provide access to specialized equipment as needed by the incident commander;

(4) provide a working emergency response throughout the Division/District and adjoining Divisions/Districts;

(5) provide standard operating guidelines consistent with and in support of the National Incident Management System; and

(6) support the Incident Commander.


The original Committee was established in 1976 in an effort to coordinate a consistent response to alarms throughout the District. In 1979 the District approved and developed SOG's for mutual aid, which were then approved by all twenty-two (22) departments. Committee members are selected by experience and area of need. At the time we were  not members of MABAS, but became MABAS Division 24 in 1998. Each committee member is assigned response to any Box alarm within the District for a two week period. A member will respond to assist the Incident Commander. Our role is strictly that of assistance and not to become the Incident Commander. Resources Committee members meet monthly to discuss the past months box alarms and future needs of the Division/District. Semi annually Box Card changes are reviewed by the committee and sent to all departments.