Hazardous Materials

MABAS Division 24 sponsors the MABAS 24 Hazardous Materials Response Team. Chief Kevin Welsh, of the Glenwood Fire Department, is the coordinator for the team. Assistant Chief Paul Cummins, of the Tinley Park Fire Department, is the assistant coordinator. All 28 departments of the MABAS 24 as well as the 16 Departments of MABAS 27 financially support the team. Team members are from both Division 24 and 27. Departments allow individuals to participate, if available.

MABAS 24 Headquarters

MABAS Division 24 Headquarters


2014 MABAS 24/27 Hazardous Materials Team Responses


Members of the team are responsible for being trained and certified to the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal Hazardous Materials Technician B. The team is comprised of approximately 40 team members and advisors. The team is the responsible party in the south suburbs for responding to hazardous materials incidents and acts of terrorism, when called upon by a department of MABAS 24 or 27. The purpose of the MABAS 24 Hazardous Materials Response Team is to provide a specialized team of personnel with specialized hazardous materials training and equipment. The team is capable of responding to hazardous materials incidents in order to contain and/or control the incident and to prevent further damage to life and property. The Team operates with some limitations. This Team is not considered a Team of experts, but a Team of technicians who provide assistance, resources, mitigation and specialized knowledge. The Team is not a "clean-up company". The Team is made up of qualified individuals from MABAS 24 and 27, signatory to the Hazardous Materials Response Agreement. The number of members is determined by the Hazardous Materials Advisory Committee with the approval of the MABAS 24 Fire Chief's Association. Each member has been trained to meet the standards as set by the Hazardous Materials Advisory Committee in accordance with all federal, state and local requirements. The team has been designated a level A team which is the highest rating in the MABAS system. Because of this the team has been a recipient of the equipment provided by the federal government under the Illinois Terrorism Task Force. The team is ready to respond 24-hours per day and is dispatched on the command of the affected community. Two of the Hazmat advisors are on a 14 day standby schedule so that effected communities can rely on a response to their needs. The Incident Commander of community in need of help merely calls for a Hazardous Materials Box _99.



Truck 9901

Truck 9901

Squad 9902

Squad 9901

Squad 307

Squad 307

MABAS24 Decon Unit

MABAS24 Decon Unit

This alerts the advisory team. The on call advisors will respond to the incident. If mitigation is needed then a second alarm is called and this brings the entire team along with the Hazmat Vehicles, Squads 9901, 9902, the Calumet City Squad 307 and if required the Division 24 Decon Unit (9903).

Squad 9901 is a 2001 box truck; it is equipped with a command center, personnel protective equipment, radios, communication equipment, detection meters, identification tools and various other supplies to allow the team to enter hazardous atmospheres in a relatively safe manner.

Squad 9902 is an engine that and has been modified for hazardous materials use. It carries equipment to reduce or stop the problem. It is the mitigation vehicle carrying booms, sorbents, oil dry, neutralizers, foam, containment vessels, and plugging and diking equipment. MABAS 24 received a mass decon unit from Cook County and the ITTF.


The team members put many additional hours, above and beyond their normal fire response duties, into training and responding to hazardous materials incidents. The cooperation of the various member departments allows both Divisions to protect its citizens with the highest quality of Hazardous Materials Response Capability at the most reasonable costs.