Dive Team

Chairperson: Brian Kolosh (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Co-chairpeson: Acting Chief Robert Kopec (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



The MABAS Division 24 and 27 Water Rescue Team’s mission is to provide a professional response to water rescue and/ or recovery incidents to the Villages located within both Divisions.


Our Water Rescue Team was founded solely by the Village of Lynwood Fire Department in the 1990’s prior to becoming a MABAS Division Team in the early 2000’s. MABAS 24 entered in to an agreement with MABAS Division 27 in 2016 to form our current team.

The Water Rescue & Recovery Team responds to all water rescue calls, when requested, within the two divisions .

The Water Rescue & Recovery Team is organized for rapid rescue response, responding quickly, gathering information, and deploying two or more rescuers to perform a rapid and effective search and retrieval.


Due to the variety of water environments in the area (lakes, rivers, ponds, drainage ditches, etc.) the Water Rescue and Recovery Team must be prepared for several types of water rescue situations.

  • Evidence Recovery - They assist law enforcement agencies, locally and through mutual aid in crime scene investigations and evidence recovery operations.
  • River Diving - Rescue or recovery of victims using underwater search patterns in a moving water environment.
  • Surface Water Rescue - Rescue of accident victims while they are still on the surface of lakes, ponds and other types of still water.
  • Swift-water Rescue - Rescues performed anywhere near rivers and other types of moving water.
  • Underwater Rescue - Scuba divers performing underwater search patterns to locate near-drowning victims.

All of the divers must attain their Dive Rescue, Advance Diver, Dry Suit, and Ice Diver Certifications, along with swift water rescue, boat operator and if they desire, Dive master certificate.

The Water Rescue Team is prepared for surface and underwater rescue. the team establishs rescue priorities at all call-outs to reduce the risks to themselves and to deploy as quickly, efficiently, and as safely as possible.

Our team also has the privilege of providing underwater sonar capabilities through UASI funding with the help of Illinois MABAS. This is accomplished through the use of side sonar and an underwater robot called an ROV.  

Training is performed monthly as seen  in the 2019 training schedule that has been posted.